Book Club

Our Book Club will not only sell books. We will organize various activities to let kids have fun with books. Moreover, it's our plan that not only us but also our young club members become reading promoters and help more kids, especially those in need, access more wonderful books.

Our activities will cover storytelling, story making, meeting authors, reading corner, etc. In our club, our members will be encouraged to tell stories and make stories and share their audio and video works via our platform. In addition to international school students, we will also invite and welcome more kids to join us via our WeChat platform.

We hope our book club can become a really club that all our members will enjoy themselves in this club and take the responsibility to promote reading together with us.

Room 1402, Building 12, Zone 3, Courtyard 3,
Qian'an Road, Shunyi District, Beijing, 101300, China