Book Swap
1. Why we choose Book Swap?
Firstly, there is no overdue or penalty issues about books;
Secondly, your can read more books and help your books that no longer need find a new home.

2. How to organize Book Swap at your schools?
Just send an email to for the details.

3. How to join Book Swap as students and parents?
1) If your school or the school of your kids is our partner, come to the book swap event organized at school.
2) If your school or the school of your kids is not our partner, follow us with WeChat and become our club member, then you can also join our book swap events. Besides, we would very appreciate if you could introduce us to your school librarian.

4. What are the rules of Book Swap?
1) We only accept children books (aging from 0-18 years old) with no damage, no missing page, no stain and no painting or writing mark;
2) All books should be legal edition;
3) All books should have independent ISBN and independent price. The book set should be swapped as a whole if individual book do not have independent ISBN and independent price;
4) Textbooks, workbooks, sticker books, activity books books are not included.
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