Library Service

SKB is a new established children books company. However most of our team members have been devoted to providing quality children books service for more than ten years. We understand how hard the librarian are working at international schools so we aim to provide professional, smooth and reliable services to you.

1. Free high quality PVC packing service

▪ High transparency, you will not miss any dedicated design of the original book cover;

▪ Packing material and method are exactly the same to that of Page One bookstore with no damage to original books;

▪ Proper packaging can greatly increase your books’ service life

2. Quick delivery

Eight weeks to get your books with air freight

3. Customized labeling service

▪ Free labeling service based on Dewey Decimal Classification

▪ Charge a little for AR & Lexile reading label, genres label, and other customized labeling service if needed

4. Customized catalogues to help you more conveniently choose the books you need

5. A free sample for you to know more about our PVC packing

Please feel free to let us know if you have any question about our service.


The red cover book has been packed with PVC film as the right for your reference.

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