Bad Kitty Gets a Bath (Full-Color)
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Author: Bruel, Nick
Illustrator: Bruel, Nick
Age Range: Ages 7 to 10
Pubdate: 12/29/2020
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Series: Bad Kitty
Pages: 128
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
List Price: USD13.99
Item Code: BN01

Everything you love about the New York Times bestselling Bad Kitty series—from Kitty's first encounter with Baby to that time she ran for president and beyond—is back again and this time in FULL COLOR!

These bright, attractive re-issues bring Kitty and her antics front and center and fully colorized all at the exact same price point as the originals.

In Bad Kitty Gets A Bath, a hysterical how-to for young readers, Bad Kitty really needs a bath and is forced to take one. The following are some items you will need for Kitty's bath: one bathtub, plenty of water, dry towels, a suit of armor, clean underwear (because stressful situations can cause "accidents"), an ambulance in your driveway with the engine running, and, oh, yeah, you'll also need Kitty . . . but good luck with that!

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