Ten Funny Stories
书号: 9781680103984
作者: Warnes, Tim
插画师: Landa, Norbert
年龄段: Ages 3 to 7, Grades P to 2
出版日期: 9/14/2021
出版社: Tiger Tales
系列: Let's Read Together
页数: 10 Books
版本: Trade Paperback
语言: English
原始货币价: USD44.95
产品代码: WT01

This collection from the Let's Read Togther series contains 10 funny, entertaining paperback picture books. Children will enjoy the lively, fun stories and humorous illustrations that come together to highlight the pure, simple joy of reading.

Each story in this collection of ten paperback picture books features hilarious illustrations, entertaining characters, and lively, fun text that brings to life the joy of reading. The characters find themselves in a variety of comical situations, from a family of elephants who is visited by a group of mice looking to take the cheese from their refrigerator; a young ladybug who is so lazy that she has not learned how to fly; and a duck who enlists the help of her good friends to figure out what is making the strange noise under her bed.   Told with warmth and humor, these stories are sure to become reading time favorites.

Let's Read Together is an ideal series to share special reading time with a child while introducing important gentle lessons. The series explores a variety of topics, including friendship, acceptance, teamwork, and empathy, all the while encouraging the development of language and reading skills.