20,000 Robots Under the Sea
书号: 9781534444164
作者: Bolts, Russ
插画师: Jay Cooper
年龄段: Ages 5 to 9
出版日期: 2019-06-04 00:00:00
出版社: Little Simon
系列: Bots
页数: 128 pages
版本: Paperback
语言: English
原始货币价: 5.99 USD
产品代码: BR01

Joe and Rob visit an underwater beach in this third adventure in the hilarious Bots chapter book series!

Many years ago, scientists on Earth sent video satellites out to the end of the universe to see what was hiding in deep space. Now, years later, these satellites have begun sending their first videos back to Earth...and the stars of the show are two goofy robots.

In this story, Joe and Rob are taking a beach vacation with one tiny twist. The robot beach is located at the bottom of the ocean! Come along as Earth’s favorite bots stumble onto an underwater wreck, a treasure map, and one really friendly robo-shark who won’t leave Joe and Rob alone.

With easy-to-read language and graphic novel art on almost every page, the Bots chapter books are perfect for emerging readers.