Alan's Big, Scary Teeth
书号: 9781406370805
作者: Jarvis
插画师: Jarvis
年龄段: Ages 3 to 5
出版日期: 04/02/2016
出版社: Walker Books
页数: 32
版本: Paperback
语言: English
AR Points: 0.5
AR Interest Level: LY
AR Book Level: 3.1
原始货币价: GBP7.99
产品代码: J01

The Winner of the 2017 V&A Best Illustrated Book Award

An alligator who snaps, becomes an alligator who th-naps in this hilarious, heart-warming story of making new friends and discovering who you really are.

Meet Alan, an alligator with a secret. Famed for his big, scary teeth, he sneaks into the jungle every day to scare the jungle animals ... “I’m big, scary Alan! Fear my razor-sharp teeth!” But after a long day of scaring, Alan likes nothing better than to run a warm mud bath and take out his false teeth, which nobody knows about! That is, until his teeth go missing. What will Alan do now? Scaring is the only thing he knows how to do! Can he still be scary without them? A goofy comedy of self-discovery, witty, warm-hearted storytelling and bright graphic art will make this (and Alan!) a firm children’s book favourite.