Margaret's Unicorn
书号: 9781406399882
作者: Smith, Briony May
插画师: Smith, Briony May
年龄段: Ages 2 to 5
出版日期: 6/3/2021
出版社: Walker Books
页数: 40
版本: Hardcover
语言: English
AR Points: 3.8
AR Interest Level: LY
AR Book Level: 0.5
原始货币价: GBP12.99
产品代码: SB01

A little girl finds and takes care of a lost baby unicorn in this beautiful and utterly transporting picture book.

Margaret's whole world changes when her family moves to a cottage by the sea to be near her grandma. One evening, Margaret spots a mist over the water. No, that's not mist ... clouds, maybe? No, they're unicorns descending onto the shore! They vanish as quickly as they'd appeared, but accidentally leave behind a baby, tangled in the weeds. Margaret, lonely and in need of a friend, brings him home...

A heart-warming story of friendship and kindness brought to magical life by Briony May Smith's enchanting characters and breathtaking coastal landscapes.