Sunny Makes a Splash: A Graphic Novel (Sunny #4)
书号: 9781338233179
作者: Holm, Jennifer L.
插画师: Holm, Matthew
年龄段: Ages 8 to 12, Grades 3 to 7
出版日期: 9/21/2021
出版社: Graphix
系列: Sunny
页数: 224
版本: Paperback
语言: English
AR Points: 2.3
AR Interest Level: MG
AR Book Level: 1.0
原始货币价: USD12.99
产品代码: HJ01

The latest in the New York Times bestselling Sunny series brings Sunny into a sink-or-swim summer, where she needs to float her first job and dive into her first maybe-flirtation.

It's summer, and Sunny is BORED. Most of her friends are out of town. Her mom wants her to baby-sit way more than Sunny wants to baby-sit. There's nothing good on TV.

The only place that's cool (in a not-boring sense) and cool (in a not-hot sense) is the community pool. Sunny loves going there . . . and loves it even more when she's offered a job at the snack shack. Soon she's flinging fries and serving soft ice-cream like a pro . . . with the assistance of the very sweet boy who works with her.

Sunny's mom isn't sure Sunny should be quite so independent. But Sunny is definitely sure: Life is best when it's free swim.