Oscar's Tower of Flowers
书号: 9781406391879
作者: Tobia, Lauren
插画师: Tobia, Lauren
年龄段: Ages 2 to 5
出版日期: 6/3/2021
出版社: Walker Books
系列: 0
页数: 40
版本: Hardcover
语言: English
原始货币价: GBP12.99
产品代码: TL02

A wordless picture book for the very young – bursting with green! – which celebrates community, gardening and the power of plants to bring people together.

Oscar's mum has to go away, just for a little while. So Oscar has come to stay with his nana. Oscar likes being with Nana in her tower block, but he really misses his mum, too. So, one day, Nana has an idea. Together, they carefully sow seeds – lots and lots of seeds! And then they water them, and wait… And the seeds start to grow! And the flowers begin to burst! There are plants everywhere. But, what to do with them all?

In a timely silent narrative for the youngest readers – gorgeously illustrated with graphic panels and sweeping spreads that evoke the urban bustle of a busy high-rise – Lauren Tobia shows how each individual, each child, can bring lushness and vitality to a community.